Integrated Communication and PR Director,
strategic planning, branding.

How to convince target audiences in a world where internet is assumed and every message can be repurposed?

I deal with complex issues of communication strategy for brands and organizations, corporate communication, Public Relations and brand strategy.
It encompasses strategic planning, public relations campaigns, social media strategy and organization, brand content production and native advertising campaigns, as well as brand UX (websites, apps, UX copywriting).

I have helped solving questions such as:
How to create an information ecosystem to help anti-vaxx mothers take the decision to vaccinate their 12yo daughter?
How to keep convincing every year 12 000 international professionals in an industry threatened by digitilization to gather in one city?
How to build a brand from scratch in 3 weeks to pitch investors about a new blockchain solution?
How to implement a global brand strategy on social media for a network of 40 luxury properties managed by 100+ collaborators?
How to build employer branding in 14 countries using a network of internal influencers?
How to locate, contact and recruit Key Opinion Leaders on innovation in the energy sector?
How to build the team, the KPIs and the tools to manage brand channels on social media?

I advise directly organizations such as Veepee (e-commerce), Vinci Group (construction), Sanofi-Pasteur (pharma), as well as medias (Netflix, TF1...), and communication, PR and advertising agencies such as TBWA, BBDO, Publicis Consultants - MSL Group...
I also collaborate frequently with consulting firms to conduct design thinking sprints or bring communication practices to innovation consulting.

Of course I keep up to date with trends, research and forward thinking communities, as I've created and managed for 12 years a monthly networking event in Paris, and I'm a proud member of the Internet Age Media "Family" in Barcelona and beyond, and an enthusiast participant of Techfestival in Copenhagen.

Training, teaching, moderating

I create and conduct training sessions for employees, teams and senior executives or directing committees on the matters of communication and the post-internet world for 2 hours to 2 complete days, or with 1:1 coaching for C-Level. I am frequently requested by innovation consultants and universities (Sorbonne, Paris Tech).

I curate and moderate discussion panels and internal or public relations events for the likes of the OECD panel, the Youtube Space Paris, Internet Age Media conference, the Google Culture Center, Social Media Week, Airbnb... I aim at creating an unique occasion to share between the stage and the audience, and at conceiving engaging discussion topics to provoke an healthy debate and leave lasting memories after the event. Of course I can help you optimize your event visibility online and offline among your key audiences, or build war-rooms for livetweeting.

I am an university lecturer in Digital Humanities at the CELSA Sorbonne Université School of Communications, Telecom Paris School of Computer Engeneering and at the American University of Paris among others. I bring a composite and global vision of the digital and communication landscape borrowing from media studies, cultural studies, marketing, digital economy, ethics, history, sociology and contemporary art.

Culture and non-profit

I bring my expertise to the specific case of cultural institutions and non-profit.

I am an Adivosry Board member of the international movement We Are Museums actively creating museums good for the peope and good for the planet. I have moderated our annual event for 5 years in Bucharest, Berlin, Riga, Marrakech and Katowice.

I have consulted for their communication, PR or digital strategy institutions such as The Cannes Film Festival - Film Market, la Gaîté lyrique digital cultures center, le Palais de Tokyo - largest contemporary art space in Europe, the private corporate foundation of the Galeries Lafayette, the D'Days design destival as well as companies seeking to take a foothold in those creative fiels such as Swarovski and Partech Ventures.